About the Artist

My glass is my canvas. I prepare all my glassware decorations by hand and use many techniques. After etching the glass, I hand-paint gold, silver and other luster colors on to the glass. I then fire each piece so that the colors melt into the glass creating "art glass." The firing temperatures must be controlled carefully in order to prevent cracking and to enhance the oxidizing of the metals, which creates the rich colors.

I further enhance the beauty of the glass with unique designs of judaica, trees, butterflies, aquatic scenes and animals. These images are created by sandblasting the glass to create designs that give depth and dimension to the colors. The designs are etched into each piece and fired into the glass in an annealing process that permanently tempers the glass. My glass pieces consist of vases, bowls, stemware, candlesticks and trays which are all hand-signed. I am always experimenting with new, original artistic designs.

I hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind Rueven design!

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To Order By Phone: 973-994-0550 or 973-219-1169 or
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